Diwali, festival of light, is just around the corner and you have enough reasons to push creative boundaries with Rangoli designs. Rangolis is designed to invite Goddess Lakshmi and attract prosperity and good wishes. Rangoli designs with flowers look very beautiful and make a grand statement for your lovely home. If you think that you do not have the skills to attract Rangoli, then there are arena flowers which help you to break your bubble and love everything! We are currently trying Diwali Rangoli with Diya, to celebrate and complement many elements of festival-emissions and shine.

Attractive Diwali rangoli 2018/ very easy rangoli for Diwali By DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

Diwali special rangoli 2018/ navratri special rangoli

Innovative rangoli for navratri /Diwali laxmipujan 2018

First of all, this rocket science or pastry is not flattering! So, to prepare such a beautiful Rangoli design with your door, balcony and diya in the living room, relax these prepared references and see! What if you can make Diwali Rangoli design with Marigold petals and some candles? This is a beginner level design but the pattern is definitely the right 10! Make two circles and fill them with Marigold petals. Make another layer of colorful diya set design in the center. In addition to this. You can expand the way you want the design, because it is now your child! You can create patterns when connecting to the main circle or traditional ‘board’ shape.

Diwali Special Easy Colorful Rangoli Designs

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