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Introduction of Rangoli

Rangoli is one of the most famous and oldest traditions in India. India’s people make Rangoli for certain occasions or celebrations. Rangoli is an obvious part of any traditional Indian decoration at religious and / or auspicious events / celebrations. And when it comes to Diwali decorations, Rangoli is compulsory. In every Indian household at least one minimal Rangoli is produced directly outside its threshold.

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for Diwali Festival

Many rangoli artists nowadays promote free Rangolis. If you are a professional who understands Rangoli powders, casting techniques, etc., this is probably the fastest way to make Rangoli. However, this technique is mainly used for designing animal motifs, gods and goddesses, etc. Shading is also easy to achieve if you are familiar with the art.

Super easy,small and attractive diya rangoli design for diwali festival

Amazing Rangoli designs for 2019 that will make your home on this Diwali very beautiful and attractive. If you find it boring to make the same outdated designs, read on. You can try these new and simple Rangoli designs from 2019 in India.

Diwali, Navratri Special semi-circle rangoli designs| attractive rangoli for festival

Very Small,Easy and beautiful Laxmipooja Rangoli Designs

Border rangoli design for Navratri puja | Rangoli for Mahalaxmi Puja

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