Rangoli is one of the oldest forms of art in India. They make a special significance, not just to decorate the houses. The word Rangoli is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Rang’, which means color, and ‘avali’, which means the line. So a Rangoli is basically a line of color, which is knitted in a type of pattern. It is believed that this old age beautifies the custom home and prevents negative energy from harming us. It helps us to think positively and contributes to enrich our lives.

Easy and colourful Diwali special Rangoli designs 2018

Diwali special Beautiful rangoli with stencil

Diwali special Easy and beautiful rangoli

Rangolis are made using different types of colors. They are usually made at the entry point of the house to point to the invitation on special occasions. Beautifully painted Rangolis reminds one of the royal Rajput houses where Rangolis was made whole year but the most beautiful and most beautiful people were dragged only on Diwali. Even today people follow that tradition because they are ready to decorate their home with these Diwali Rangolis to please Goddess Lakshmi and welcome you to their homes.

Simple and Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Designs

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