Festival of lights – Diwali festival is incomplete without Rangoli. All India is going to follow this beautiful opportunity. Diwali is one of the big festivals in India. People keep the lights on the houses, there is a fire cracker on this amazing day. Diwali is a beautiful festival celebrated by all the Hindus around the world. All Hindus celebrate this festival on a large scale. On Diwali day people used to share wishes and congratulations. For this festival, many people wear new clothes, wear ornaments. Best and easy Rangoli design for Diwali Festival. On the event of Diwali Goddess Lakshmi, there is a God who is the most worshiped everywhere. People believe that by worshiping Lakshmi, prosperity and wealth knocks their door.

This Hindu festival is celebrated mainly in the significance of the advent of Ayodhya after the exile of Rama and Sita for 14 years. People believe that, this is one of the most beautiful festivals. This festival is celebrated every year in Kartika Masam. From Diwali, it is said that the winter season is going to start.

Diwali special easy and quick rangoli design 2018

Easy and quick rangoli design for festival

Diwali ki rangoli design with dots

A beautiful rangoli design can bring glow throughout the home. Keeping a beautiful and colorful Rangoli is also a symbol of prosperity. Decorating the house with Rangoli, the whole form becomes adorable. Apart from this, an old notion is in the familiarity that, in the houses decorated Rangoli, Goddess Lakshmi lives. To invite Lakshmi to the house, start making Rangoli every day. These Rangoli Designs /Pattern is simple and easy for Diwali.

Easy and Quick Rangoli Design Tutorials For Diwali

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