Rangoli Art is the traditional art of India. It is believed that having Rangoli Design in front of your house brings good luck apart from home decoration purpose. Border Rangoli design or Simple Flower/leaf patterns can be considered as Rangoli designs for beginners. These are very Simple Rangoli designs, even kids can draw these Rangoli.  In India, Rangolis are made for welcoming the deities during various festivals. Hence We made small rangoli border for door for welcoming guests and the deities during various festivals.Guests are feel special in occasion.


Easy Border Rangoli Design For Diwali – Video Tutorial

As indicated by Indian convictions, Diwali is the stage when Goddess Lakshmi presents her endowments to the house. So a Rangoli at the passage is a splendid method to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the house. Generally rangoli is made a couple of days before Lakshmi Pooja and it is kept up and dealt with from being crumbled.

Border Rangoli Design For Diwali – Video Tutorial

Coming to Rangoli plans, brilliant hues are picked. The example likewise incorporates utilization of shaded rice or brilliant petals. Plans fluctuate from place to put thus does the name. Rangoli has distinctive names in various territories of India. Certain favorable images are utilized for rangoli enhancement. This convention of utilizing images has been passed from age to age.

Easy and quick rangoli designs for Diwali

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