Rangoli art is an important for our Indian traditions. Rangoli has its own importance on the occasions. But Diwali is not such a festival when Rangoli is not made, then this festival seems incomplete. At this festival, there is a competition to make the most beautiful Rangoli. Beautiful and colorful Rangoli in the courtyard of the house, the festival’s fun is doubled. But people have shortage of time in this part-filled life. In such a case, the effort of women is that they get easy but some different patterns of rangoli design.

If you do not know how to make Rangoli, then here are the designs that you can easily create. In these videos, you can learn to make different colors. Apart from this, there are some videos that you can easily create big and small Rangoli.

If you do not have time to make big rangoli and you should only design a border outside your house door, then this Rangoli design will be perfect. Seeing this, people will think that making it is very difficult. But in this video you can see that it is easy to make a trick.

1. Creative Peacock Rangoli Design

2. Ganesh Ji Rangoli Design

3. Beautiful Rangoli Design For Diwali

4. Door Kolam Rangoli Design

5. Very Beautiful and Innovative Swastik Rangoli Design


6. Big and beautiful multicolor Rangoli Design


7. Creative Flower Type Rangoli


8. Freehand Rangoli Designs with colors

9. Quick, Easy Instant Rangoli design with colors for Diwali

10. Diwali special 3 minutes rangoli design making using stencil

Rangoli can be made by various methods like Rangoli design using Stencils, Rangoli design with dots, Rangoli with colours, Rangoli design with Flowers.
Border Rangoli design or Simple Flower / leaf patterns can be considered as Rangoli designs for beginners. These are very Simple Rangoli designs, even kids can draw these Rangoli.

11. Beautiful rangoli, using spoons by Deepika Pant


12. Easy Flower Design Rangoli Using Spoon by Shital Mahajan

13. Diwali special Easy Diya Rangoli by Poonam Borkar

14. Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Design

15. Fancy Coloured Rangoli Design for Diwali By Shital Mahajan

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