Rangoli is traditionally done by girls and women, let’s develop in modern times and try to try all the children with their hands. Give them some specific designs they have to make in different areas of the house, which will be monitored by older children. Later, let them free your creative best, and in all these years come home with some beautiful ways of looking at your house as the most beautiful.

Rangoli designs look great on any occasion, but sometimes we can not have the time needed to do this. So what is the solution?

Small and Easy rangoli designs is best option and save lots time and more attractive. So what are we waiting for? Here are the top 15 Simple and Beautiful Rangoli Designs by Rupali Tomke to try:

We love Rangoli designs on any occasion. Since that time, we can remember, this has been a continuous part of our tradition. Today Rangoli is done not only as a part of the tradition but also in the form of art. Rangoli has many variations and is done using different materials and items, the most common colors and flower petals.

Hope you like these easy and simple rangoli designs and patterns.