India is known for its festive spirit and culture and when it is right around the Diwali corner, what is the better time to talk about it? The return of Lord Ram from Ayodhya will see one of the most beautiful festivals in our country. The markets are in the crowd with the people and everyone is going to ensure that their home is ‘Diwali’ prepared with light and beautiful Rangolis.

Rangoli is one of our old cultural artworks that have evolved over time. Here are some Beautiful Rangoli designs by Vaishali Deshmukh that you can follow to make your Diwali look more festive.

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Are not these designs really beautiful? Are you excited about the festival of lights and are you planning to make your home even more attractive? Let us know your favorite Rangoli design in the comments section and if you have already made one, be sure to post your photos!