Rangoli is an art, and it takes time and practice to become an expert in any form of art. Rangoli We can easily relate because they point to two important things – colors, which we love Indians and celebrate, which we enjoy our families with Indians; This is any occasion, a family celebration or a festival. During the festivals, it is considered the tradition of making Rangoli in whole of India. But as soon as we are very different from Indian methods, rangoli styles and techniques are different in different cultures. Everyone knows that making Rangoli is not an easy task. With practice you can learn beautiful and simple Rangoli design.

Diwali special circle rangoli design by DEEPIKA PANT | DEEPIKA RANGOLI AND ART – Video Tutorial


Latest Diwali special rangoli design by DEEPIKA PANT


शादी की पत्रिका से दशहरा और दीवाली की रंगोली बनाये by DEEPIKA PANT


The simple rangoli design can decorate a place so well that it gives a very supernatural sense to some place. Hope you like this post on simple rangoli design and share it with your friends.

Easy Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

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