During Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi is considered to visit those houses which are well lit, so families decorate their homes. People wear their best clothes or buy new ones, gifts are given to children and exchanges through New Year’s congratulatory visits or Diwali cards. Thus, a Rangoli design has been built on the door to welcome all the colors. Rangoli is typical for each region which exudes a pattern in color. Most Rangoli design circulars eliminate the feeling of endlessness of time. During Diwali, two interfaced triangles are made which point to the God of learning Saraswati. Lakshmi’s feet are pulled on the door, the toe indicates to indicate its entrance.

Very Easy and Quick Rangoli Design By DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

Diwali special/ dussehra special big rangoli design 2018 DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

Diwali Special Rangoli 2018/ Navratri Special Rangoli By  DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

Diwali festival is marked with joy and prosperity. Most rangolis are basically geometric patterns formed with sections and circles, to create squares, footprints, crepes, trees, points and lines, which represent testimony for both individual talent and community participation. Attach and work for multiple days on single design. Raw materials used mainly for making rangoli are edible edible like rice flour, pulse and leaves. Throughout India, floor paintings are essentially white in color. White symbolizes peace, purity and peace. The ingredients used are rice flour or rice paste, because rice is a sign of prosperity for all Indians.

Easy & Simple Rangoli Design with Color | 7 dots Kolam

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