Diwali without any doubt turns to a mood of celebration. This festival of lights brings elegant decor, beautiful lights, fireworks, handmade diyas, desserts, festivals and certainly colors to the attention. We can not dismiss the role of colors in Diwali. The colors give Rangoli a form, without which the Diwali decor is incomplete. Making Rangoli is really a pleasant experience. Without going to Rangoli’s description, we take you to some really beautiful colorful designs and patterns that you can try to make this Diwali. These ideas will help you create a subtle piece of art in this festive season. Whether you are an amateur or ambidextrous, when you try your hand in making this Diwali Rangoli, these ideas will definitely be easy.

Diwali special easy colorful rangoli | Easy rangoli designs by Poonam Borkar

Diwali special very easy and unique rangoli | Easy rangoli designs by Poonam Borkar

Diwali special very easy yet beautiful rangoli | Easy rangoli designs by Poonam Borkar

Rangoli can not be a fortune for everyone, but a little patience and a little skill can help you to create excellent rangoli design. Select patterns that do not call for a huge skill set, mix them with soil diyas, floating candles, ornate diya stand or diyas circumference.

So there are some aesthetic emotions in this festive season, mix it patiently, put a little bit in your imagination and reveal the excellent piece of art.

20 Beautiful & Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs

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