Rangoli design can be simple geometric shapes, shapes of flower petals, impressions of deities, or birds, but the design largely depends on the occasion. Like the “Swastika”, the sacred symbol of good luck can be used during any occasion, while the impression of the influence of Goddess Saraswati is used in academic, music and art related work because it is the learning or Goddess of lamp. Which is used for decoration during Diwali. The Hindu calendar is full of festivals and one of the most important festivals is Diwali (Festival of lights) nearby, we thought sharing this beautiful Rangoli design would be a good idea for you that will help you to brighten your house.

Big rangoli for Diwali/Dipawali/धनतेरस रंगोली FESTIVAL’S 2018 – 2019 – Step By Step (Video Tutorial)

We all know, Rangoli is an art and is often used in welcoming a particular festival or a special event. So try this year, hope you like this beautiful Rangoli design. Please don’t forget to share this tutorial to your loved ones.

Easy and colourful Diwali special Rangoli designs

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