Sometime rangoli making is quite difficult for newbie like me. So If you too are artistically challenged or do not have the much patience then this article can be of your help. We all know spreading rangoli evenly is one of the best practices which makes the design look beautiful and adds charm to even a simple design. Here are some quick easy tips to make instant and unique rangoli which is great looking too.

  • If you come in categories that can not be pulled from colorful powder then do not worry and use chalk. Drag any design with a wet chalk and then fill the design with the color of your choice. In this way you make the possibility of being wrong. is less.
  • If you have not prepared your design further then choose some basic like concentric circles, or a dough petal flower. You can also create a simple swastik. Just underscore them and decry with diya and flowers. You have a simple and easy-to-use Rangoli design in front of you.

Colourful Rangoli Designs for Diwali | कंघी से बनाये Rangoli Easy and Attractive Design

Easy Colourful Rangoli Using Various Tools


Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali | कंघी से बनाये Rangoli Easy and Simple Design


Very beautiful and colourful rangoli design using comb by DEEPIKA PANT

Colourful Rangoli Designs for Diwali | कंघी से बनाये Rangoli Easy and Innovative Design




Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali | कंघी और छलनी से बनाये Rangoli Easy & Unique Design


More tips, that will also help you in making rangoli design easily.

  • If you find pets at home and make a simple rangoli so that even if Rangoli becomes confused, do not take it in your heart. For this, just make a simple white colorful or just ordinary red and white like Alta Rangoli.
  • Use poster colors for rangoli. They are easy to manage and save a lot of time. Use a thick paint brush to quickly finish the job.
  • Traditional Benefit Flowers and Diyas are great fillers and finish your work fast.
    I always welcome Lakshmi ji with white feet which are symbolic of Goddess. Show like Goddess is entering your house. Instead of following some hard and fast rules, drag an “S” shape line and five points to the top. done !!!

Easy Colourful Rangoli Designs With Flowers

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